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Chris is driven by an enormous commitment to help children grow up in a pleasant, happy and safe environment. She helps parents make parenting their child feel joyful, light and loving again. By taking people along in a unique way on a path full of insights and practical knowledge, parents develop the ability to trust themselves and their child, experience more playfulness in their families and are more in contact with themselves, each other and their children.

This way, parenthood is gradually no longer determined by social concepts, perfection, feelings of guilt, doubts or fear. As a result, both parents and children, experience everyday things simply as much more fun and easier. There is more time to enjoy each other. Raising children from a place of trust, brings more lightness, love and connection in many areas of parenting.

In her work, Chris respects the integrity of both child and adult. She creates a human environment in which parents and their families are challenged and equipped to discover new perspectives and possibilities and to add these to their toolset of parenting. Like no other, Chris knows how to wake up parents in a loving way from the prison of guilt and limiting beliefs. She informs, supports and empowers parents to make authentic choices in their upbringing. This way parents can be the parents they want to be.

Through coaching, counseling, training, enlightening information and deep insights, Chris helps conscious parents grow up their children in safety and love into strong adults and their authentic self. Like no other, she can help parents blossom again in joy and experience the love for their child, themselves and for each other in full flow again.



Chris has a Master of Science in Psychology (university), is Aware Parenting Instructor level 2 (educator) regional coordinator for the Netherlands and is a certified counselor and coach in Transactional Analysis (BTA). She is closely familiar with HSP and giftedness. In addition, she has been practicing yoga and meditation for more than 25 years and has completed numerous workshops and trainings and courses in Aware Parenting, Nonviolent Communication with Children, relationships, Babywearing and Pikler Playroom (RIE, Gerber, Janet Lansbury).

Because of Chris’s vast and long-standing knowledge, she is able to look beyond the challenges of upbringing or further than the symptoms. She never makes concessions when it comes to the child and ensures that she and the parents find a solution to tackle the cause of the struggle or the problem. Parents experience that parenting is a journey of discovery to themselves and to loving connection with their family, themselves and each other. In short, a positive and stimulating home for children and also for parents to feel free to be themselves.


Born into an Indonesian-Dutch family and growing up in a typically Dutch village, Chris was interested as a child in the cultural differences and how people each experience their own perspective on ‘truth’. It also fascinated her how children could grow up into adults who could no longer put themselves in the perspective of a child. At the age of 9, she decided to become a psychologist to help adults connect with children and with being a child again. At the age of 16 she started with her own inner work to stay in touch with her own inner child and also to not pass on her own family traumas (or as little as possible), if ever she were to become a parent herself.

She started age 16 with meditation and yoga to gain more awareness on her body and thoughts. At the age of 19 she started deeper work with the help of Transactional Analysis and bodywork. She then also read her first parenting book by Alice Miller and then The Aware Baby by psychologist Aletha Solter, PhD. These became her favorite books. When she became a mother herself years later, she noticed that her knowledge, her collection of tools and her own inner journey were incredibly helpful in the storm that parenthood can be at times.

Situations in parenthood and the “now” can evoke feelings and emotions from the past. Everyone has a child in them, including adults. If you have little contact with your inner child, then unconsciously you might let your life lead through that part in you. A vulnerable or challenging situation in parenthood can easily trigger deep emotions or even unprocessed trauma. After learning to connect with one’s own inner child, parents can more easily make contact with their son or daughter. There is more understanding and playfulness and wonder are filling the room again.




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CHRIS can help you with..

Your child

It brings the causes of your child’s behavior to light, makes the needs clear and provides practical tools for dealing with them. Chris therefore works without timeouts, rewards or sleep training. This makes you feel more secure as a parent and you deepen the connection with your child.


Chris helps you to connect more with yourself and your heart. More to live from trust and less from fear. And deal with your triggers differently. In this way you can step out of fear and enjoy standing in parenthood, life and your relationship.

relationship & family

She not only looks at a child but also at the relationships and the system in which a child grows up. What happens with the parent? What happens in the relationship? What does a child show you and your partner, if any?

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