I’m Chris, psychologist, Aware Parenting Instructor LEVEL 2 and Counselor Transactional Analysis. I work internationally but originally I’m from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I give workshops and private 1-on-1 consults to parents and professionals (through Skype, in my office and at home).

I help parents bring back the calm in their homes and find joy and connection in their journey of parenting. Connection to themselves and their children.

I work WITHOUT punishments, time-outs, rewards nor sleeptraining. Instead, I do work WITH connection, play, effective communication, releasing guilt in parents, adressing causes of behaviour, development of EQ in parent and child, so that adults and children can truly connect with each other and build a relationship of love and trust.

Core concepts for me are respect for children and for ourselves as parents and caretakers.





Besides owning a Masters degree in Psychology, I am a Counsellor in Transactional Analysis (BTA) and a certified Aware Parenting-instructeur LEVEL 2.

I’ve done an online training of 9 months and have done around 8 Aware Parenting workshops & courses. I’ve done over 7 years of Transformative Yoga. I did shorter and longer trainings on the aread of Transactional Analysis, Non-Violent communication with children,  Pikler / RIE and Babywearing. I love to keep educating myself and am now studying to become a certified Transactional Analyst Councellor. I’m familiar with the Gordon Method, Co-Sleeping, breastfeeding en HSP. 

Way of working

I look together with you towards the needs of your child as well as your needs. I guide you to gain insights in what is happening in your situation and with each of you.

By looking differently to the situations and gaining clarity into the underlying cause of behavior, things can suddenly shift. You’ll deepen the connection with yourself and your children and will be able to step out of fear and walk in joy and light in your daily parenting.

I combine this with practical suggestions on parenting. I do this all WITHOUT punishments, rewards, time-out or sleep training. I offer alternatives that feel good, for your child AND for YOU.

In my job I respect the integrity, wishes and limits of child and adult. Integrity is an important value for me. I enjoy seeing the transformation that the other person is going through. And every time it brings me something new as well. 


There’s not fixed, rigid ways of working or schedules you should follow. I do use tools and insights, to help you understand yourself and your child on a deeper level. I work with body, mind and feelings. Models I use are Transactional Analysis, insights from Psychology and the model of Aware Parenting. Aware Parenting covers 3 areas:


Safe attachment
birth to




Feelings &

Getting started..

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What others say about working with me


rimke "Thank you Chris! I would like to do more workshops with you. I'm going home with some practical tips and a sense of purpose and confidence in the process that I'm going through with my daughter. The workshop was very valuable to me. You guided the workshop with lightness and humor and created a pleasant space to get in touch with what feelings are going on. The information is practical and at the same time we're looking together at deeper layers of life in ourselves as parents. Your advice is tailored to my personal situation. "

Rimke Koper, participant Attachment Play Workshop, Amsterdam

"Dear Chris, It was lovely to meet you today and thank you for such an insightful session. The content of your workshop Parenting with Patience really does get to the heart of human interaction and our thoughts, and your explanation of the theory helps to put our thoughts into context. Thank you also for the worksheets which will really help to remember these insights for the future. I'm so pleased to now have some actionable things to work with from now on, and am happy to have also gained some lovely friends to continue sharing with. Thank you for listening, for your experiences and tools and techniques which I am sure will enable much more play, fun and laughter in our home! I will be sure to share your details and my experience with other parents. Thank you again and best wishes, Jo"

Jo Molina, participant Workshop Parenting with Patience, London

"Full of ideas and looking forward to play, I'm going home again! So much fun to learn more about playing and how to use it with your kids. "

Ananda, participant Attachment Play Workshop, Amsterdam

"Hi dear Chris! I hope you're enjoying your Friday evening! I wanted to send you an update of these past weeks. I feel like this new awareness and all the new information have been AMAZING. It takes a lot of work to change the ways we operate with and I'm now so aware of how often I'm in survival mode. What has become SO clear to me is when one of my children needs to empty their bucket. It's amazing to watch them cry and feel like, "ah, here we go" and exhale in relief as opposed to cringe in stress. Thank you, Chris!!!!!!!!!!!! Big hugs and happy weekend! HalimaHalima, mother of 2, Chile 



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