From Stressed to Blessed

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In these classes for parents, I’m teaching you through experience to manage your energy and how to have an instant shift from stressed to blessed, so you can have the family you want!

This is for everyone who:
  • is a parent or caregiver who wants to create a safe, compassionate environment for children
  • finds upbringing sometimes stressful and overwhelming and wants to build an authentic relationship with children
  • feels it is time to release stress and allow more joy, peace, connection and love into her life and that of her family

If any of this resonates, save yourself struggles, time, money and energy and sign up for “from stressed to blessed”!

You’ll learn to:
  • Connect with your love and tap into your heart’s wisdom
  • let go of control and always try to fix your child; follow the joy instead
  • Experience less stress and guilt
  • get clarity on your focus for this week / weeks so that you can create your dream family
  • Find the confidence, courage and strength to trust you can make that happen

at the Bewustzijnschool in Amsterdam Center.
Address Keizersgracht 467, 1017 DK Amsterdam


3, 17 en 31 maart 2019 17.00-18.30 svp 5 minuten voor tijd aanwezig. we beginnen 17.00


1 session 25€ 20€


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