The language of Emotions


The meetings are in DUTCH unless there are English participants, then it is in English.


Every group-meeting we will take a look at 1 emotion and you’ll become more proficient in dealing with these emotions!

1. guilt & shame (1 okt)
2. sadness (15 okt)
3. fear (29 okt)
4. anger (5 nov this must be nov 12 )
5. happiness & love (12 nov this must be nov 26)

What you’ll get

What you’ll get out of these group sessions:

  • Feel more love and compassion for yourself and others
  • Feeling deeper and more often connected to life (and your kids!)
  • Better understanding of your own internal processes
  • Feeling less frustrated
  • Have a better feeling and experience more pleasure in life
  • Being kinder to yourself
  • Feel more confident in your skin and hear the voice of your heart more clearly
  • Feel less guilt and less shame
  • Feel less alone in your quirks

The classes are open to non-parents as well.


TUESDAY 9:30-11:00
De Bewustzijnschool
Keizersgracht 467, 1017 DK Amsterdam


1 single groupsession €25