Diving Deeper into Aware Parenting? 

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how birth trauma affects behavior and emotions?
How can you help a child process these?
How to create emotional safety?
What natural stress release mechanisms are and how to use them?
How to help your child when he or she is crying or angry?
How to lovingly set limits?
What the workings are of therapeutic play?
What the influence is of your childhood on raising your child?

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ages 0-12 years

by Chris Muller, MSc, BTA

Level 2 Aware Parenting Instructor
Counsellor & Coach in Transactionele Analysis


Date Sunday may 30
11-18 CEST
(amsterdam time)


Early Bird until may 11
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The workshop is in Amsterdam and also online with me (Level 2 Instructor) and meets the certification requirements to become an Aware Parenting Instructor. Aletha Solter, the founder of the Aware Parenting Institute, has made a temporary exception to do the 6-hour workshop that is part of the certification requirements to become an instructor, online, live. The workshop contains a number of exercises. There is also plenty of time for questions. (Questions about becoming an instructor?? CLICK HERE to ask me questions)


is based on


secure attachment

Attachment / Natural Parenting

No punishments & No rewards

Unconditional Parenting, Democratic Parenting

processing stress and trauma

for our children and ourselves



This workshop is for




parents and professionals (for example, coaches, therapists, teachers and doctors) who want a deeper understanding of Aware Parenting.



People who want to become Aware Parenting Instructor. (questions? Click here)



raising / working with children 0 – 12 year





Aware Parenting is based on trust. Letting children grow up safely and confidently. This also includes the assumption that children are born ‘good’. It means children really want to do their best and work with us; they want to belong. Children really don’t want to “misbehave” or make life difficult for others.

Arguing, hurting people or getting angry is not what they want in their hearts. Even though it sometimes looks like it, it is a sign that they are experiencing inside a lot at that time, so they no longer succeed in cooperating and behaving in a more loving way.

Stress, trauma, an unsafe or unstable environment and insecure attachment have a huge effect on children (and especially highly sensitive children) and can lead to behavioural problems concerning attachment, sleep, eating, concentration, hyperactivity, aggressive behavior, depression, physical illness and more.

Stress can come from small things that happen during daily life, such as a less serious doctor’s visit, but also larger events such as birth trauma, divorce of the parents or now the situation around corona. Fortunately, children’s natural release mechanism, knows how to handle this.

Children have a natural ability to heal stress and trauma, by discharging the feelings through laughter, crying and raging. We can guide and support children in this, so that they can come back to their natural state of joy and connection.

What others say about working with me


rimke “Thank you Chris! I would like to do more workshops with you. I’m going home with some practical tips and a sense of purpose and confidence in the process that I’m going through with my daughter. The workshop was very valuable to me. You guided the workshop with lightness and humor and created a pleasant space to get in touch with what feelings are going on. The information is practical and at the same time we’re looking together at deeper layers of life in ourselves as parents. Your advice is tailored to my personal situation. ”

Rimke Koper, participant Attachment Play Workshop, Amsterdam

“Dear Chris, It was lovely to meet you today and thank you for such an insightful session. The content of your workshop Parenting with Patience really does get to the heart of human interaction and our thoughts, and your explanation of the theory helps to put our thoughts into context. Thank you also for the worksheets which will really help to remember these insights for the future. I’m so pleased to now have some actionable things to work with from now on, and am happy to have also gained some lovely friends to continue sharing with. Thank you for listening, for your experiences and tools and techniques which I am sure will enable much more play, fun and laughter in our home! I will be sure to share your details and my experience with other parents. Thank you again and best wishes, Jo”

Jo Molina, participant Workshop Parenting with Patience, London

“Full of ideas and looking forward to play, I’m going home again! So much fun to learn more about playing and how to use it with your kids. ”

Ananda, participant Attachment Play Workshop, Amsterdam


Who is Chris?


Chris is driven by an enormous commitment to help children grow up in a loving, joyful and safe environment. She does this by working with parents and helps them to let their parenthood no longer be determined by social concepts, doubts or fear, but she lets them experience that it is a journey of discovery into themselves and a loving connection with their family.

She creates a loving human environment in which parents and their families are challenged and equipped to discover new perspectives and possibilities and add those to their well-known parenting toolset. Through coaching, counseling, training, practices, enlightening information and deep insights, Chris helps conscious parents parent their child with safety and love, into strong, loving adults who are comfy being their authentic selves.

23 years ago, at the age of 20, Chris read the book The Aware Baby by Dr. Aletha Solter. Together with Alice Miller’s book, The Drama of the Gifted Child, these became her 2 favourite books.

Chris holds a Master of Science in Psychology, is an Aware Parenting Instructor level 2 (educator) and is a Counselor in Transactional Analysis (BTA). She also practices meditation from the age of 14 and (Transformative) Yoga from when she was 16. She has followed numerous workshops and courses in Aware Parenting, Nonviolent Communication with Children, TA in relationships, family constellations, Babywearing and Pikler Speelruimte (RIE, Gerber, Janet Lansbury). Chris works a lot with her intuition.

Over the years she has helped and guided thousands of parents towards more connection with their children, themselves and with their partner and more fun and flow in their family. She does this through workshops, online courses, blogs and articles in various media and coaching and training programs. Like no other, she can revive a parent’s love and pleasure. In addition, Chris sees the voice of the heart of the child through everything, both in your son or daughter, as well as that of the child in you the adult.



In this workshop:

How birth trauma affects the behavior and emotions of a baby and child.
how you can help process these.
How you create emotional safety.
Which natural stress release mechanisms are and how to use them.
The way in which play helps.
How to listen lovingly when your child is crying or angry.
How to lovingly set limits.
The influence of your own childhood on raising your child.

Dive deeper into Aware Parenting
become an Instructor?

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Date Sunday may 30
11-18 CEST
(amsterdam time)

Early Bird until may 11
€275 €240



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