Aware Parenting Academy Final Workshops


After years of diving into Aware Parenting themselves, 3 powerful women choose to dive a year long deeply into Aware Parenting, to learn to embody it under the guidance of Chris Muller, psychologist and Aware Parenting regio-coordinator of the Netherlands.
Now, these 3 wonderful students of the Aware Parenting Academy (the English version) are going to share with you their wisdom around Aware Parenting  in 3 inspiring workshops!
This is their final project!
And I am so proud to present them to the world!

Sunday, 12 February 2023
Amsterdam Old-West

There is a limited amount of places so make sure you book your free ticket below!

1 day

3 workshops

Introduction to Aware Parenting

by Maria Bordallo

Teach your child emotional literacy

by Rocio Lopez,

Let’s Play – How play can help in parenting

by Larissa Knight


This is Aware Parenting!

A non-punitive approach developed by the renowned psychologist Dr Aletha Solter. She is a Swiss/American developmental psychologist who is recognized internationally as an expert on attachment, trauma, and non-punitive discipline. She studied with the Swiss psychologist, Jean Piaget, at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, where she obtained a Master’s degree in human biology in 1969. She then earned a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1975, after which she taught psychology at the University of California and conducted research for a few years. She has two adult children and two grandchildren, and she lives near Santa Barbara in southern California.

When her first child was born in 1977 (following a traumatic birth) she did not find any parenting books that advocated attachment-style parenting and non-punitive discipline while taking into account the impact of stress and trauma on children’s development. The first book she wrote, The Aware Baby (first published in 1984, revised in 2001), is the one that she would have liked to have as a new mother. The Aware Baby has sold over 200,000 copies worldwide. Its sequel, Cooperative and Connected (a 2018 revised edition of Helping Young Children Flourish), describes this same approach, covering the age range from two to eight years. Her other books are Tears and Tantrums(1998), Raising Drug-Free Kids (2006), Attachment Play (2013), and Healing Your Traumatized Child(2022). Her books have been translated into many languages, and she has also written numerous articles for parents and professionals.

Dr. Solter has given talks and led workshops for parents and professionals in 17 countries and has appeared on TV in the United States, Europe, Asia, and South Africa. In 1990 she founded The Aware Parenting Institute, which now has certified instructors in over 20 countries. Her goal is to help create a nonviolent world in which all children are allowed to attain their full potential. With the tools of Aware Parenting, she is confident that parents can raise their children to be competent, compassionate, nonviolent, and drug free. She also knows that parenting is a difficult job and that parents deserve recognition, information, and support.


About Chris & the Academy

The Aware Parenting Academy is created and led by psychologist Chris Muller, MSc. It is an in-depth year program consisting of in person workshops, online groupmeetings, 1-1 sessions, case studies and client sessions. A deep embodiment training in Aletha Solter’s Aware Parenting approach to learn how to share this work with others.

Chris first read Aletha’s first book when she was about 20, long before she became a mom. She is driven by an enormous commitment to help children grow up in a loving, joyful and safe environment. She does this by working with parents and helps them to let their parenthood no longer be determined by social concepts, doubts or fear, but she lets them experience that it is a journey of discovery into themselves and a loving connection with their family. Like no other, she can revive a parent’s love and pleasure. In addition, Chris sees the voice of the heart of the child through everything, both in your son or daughter, as well as that of the child in you the adult.

Chris holds a Master of Science in Psychology, is an Aware Parenting Instructor level 2 (educator) and is a Counselor in Transactional Analysis (BTA). She also practices meditation from the age of 14 and (Transformative) Yoga from when she was 16. She has followed numerous workshops and courses in Aware Parenting, Nonviolent Communication with Children, TA in relationships, family constellations, Babywearing and Pikler Speelruimte (RIE, Gerber, Janet Lansbury). Chris works a lot with her intuition.