Dear you,

Wether you are a parent or a child of parents or caregivers, parenting is not always easy. Sometimes as parents you’re at a loss. Sometimes you as an adult feel the consequences of your own childhood. Parenting confronts us parents enormously with ourselves, each other and the people around us.

Wether you’re a parent or not, I’m here to guide you with love, without judgement, without shame nor guilt, to be the warmest and strongest version of yourself, so that you’ll experience more connection and joy in your family!



I help you lovingly deal with your (inner) child, yourself and if, partner


through Zoom (or in my practice in Amsterdam West, The Netherlands)


I have a Master’s in Psychology, am Aware Parenting regio-coordinator of the Netherlands and Flemish Belgium and certified counselor in Transactional Analysis. I work with bodywork, inner child work, mindfulness, meditations and more. I look at things from a holistic and systemic perspective. Mijn sessions are without guilt or shame. I have a different look on behavior than the regular DSM. My sessions are deep and practical. I come quickly to the source.

How often?

I don’t do separate sessions and quick fixes. I work in a program, a trajectory of multiple 1-1 sessions.



Dear Chris, Thank you very much for the wonderful guidance during my 1 on 1 trajectory with you! I came to you after the arrival of our 2nd child and I noticed that I was becoming more and more like my mother. Not bad in all respects, but I still did the things that I wanted to do differently with my children. It made me desperate and unhappy. I knew I had to do something about this and found it difficult that I couldn’t tackle it alone, but then I found you! Despite the distance and the fact that we did it online via zoom, I have grown so much thanks to your listening ear and great advice and exercises. I have more peace, patience and listen to my feelings more than the eternal voice in my head. I feel happy again and can really enjoy everything around me. To anyone who still has doubts about a program with you, I would say: ‘do it!! Ultimately, you have to do everything yourself, but Chris’s wonderful guidance will ensure that you get very far on your way again.’ I can’t thank you enough, so thank you again so much, dear Chris! Love, Anne


When our eldest son was 3.5 years old, his panic fears started to emerge. He no longer dared to be alone in a room, let alone sleep in his own bed. Our search to help him at various agencies did not yield any concrete help for our son, but it did bring us to Chris. My husband and I decided to take her course ‘The Secret Language of Play’. This was our introduction to Aware Parenting and a world opened up for us. We learned about children’s needs and how these caused ‘unwanted’ behavior. And how much those same needs caused our own adult way of ‘undesirable’ behavior! After this course, my husband and I followed Chris’ 1/1 course together. In regular 1/1 online sessions, we learned more and more about our own authoritarian background and how much this influenced the way we interacted with our children. Chris listens and advises without any judgment or limiting views: everything is okay and our struggles are not strange. She gently takes you by the hand and looks with you at your own upbringing, your own views, your own pain and your own needs. Through Chris and Aware Parenting we felt the bond with ourselves, each other and our children strengthened, we had more daily fun as a family and we felt more aware of our own struggles about the past. I am convinced that as security grew in the family, fears gradually diminished. Aware Parenting has become an indispensable lifestyle that does so much more than looking at ‘unwanted’ behavior. Thank you Chris for your warm, guiding hand. Love, Josine

Dear Chris, I have never met such a special person as you! I am extremely grateful that you ‘walked with me’ for six months. Out of unrest/fear/panic, I knocked on your door and from that moment on you responded full of love, understanding and warmth. We got to know each other through the 1-on-1 sessions and I enjoyed your jokes in between. Your humor created space and relaxation. In a very calm way you looked at what was going on with me, what I needed and you made sure that I got from my head to my body and feelings. You gave me a lot of confidence every time. During the six months you were literally always there. It may sound impossible, but it was true. The messages allowed me to reach you 24/7 and it already helped when I had told my story. And often you responded quickly, full of love! I have already had several courses of therapy and coaching, but you are the first person who really understands me and has ‘brought’ me to myself. It was an intense time because of everything that came up in me, in the light. I am grateful for all the insights you have given me and especially the awareness of internal processes. Everything went by very quickly, but it all changed me forever. There are (of course) still situations in which I feel restless again, but I now know how to respond to that and therefore I can feel calm in a restless situation. I will always remember how you brought me close to myself, God and others. A reminder for every day! Thank you very much for this wonderful journey in which I was able to learn so much from your being, knowledge and skills! Lots of love, a grateful 30 year old woman


Chris works holistically and systemically, intuitively and with sound (scientific) knowledge. She transforms the interaction with children for families, professionals and organizations, not only from the head, but from the heart and body. She is driven by an enormous commitment to helping children grow up in a pleasant, happy and safe environment, in which they are free to be authentic and are well connected to their own core, feelings and needs. This also applies to the children who live within us adults!

She does this by working with parents, professionals and other adults so that interactions with children are no longer determined by social concepts or fear, but by allowing them to experience that it is a journey of discovery towards a loving connection with themselves and the inner child. therefore also with the children who grow up with us. She creates a human environment in which parents are challenged and equipped to discover new perspectives and possibilities and add them to the well-known toolset of raising children and interacting with children. A journey with her is never just about education. It’s so much more.

Through coaching, counseling, training, enlightening information and deep insights, Chris helps parents and professionals to stand in their strength and live from their hearts, so that a child can grow up in safety and love into strong adults and their authentic self. She can make love and pleasure blossom again like no other. Chris also sees the voice of the child’s heart through everything, both the child in you as an adult, and the voice of a child’s heart.

When she was 20, Chris read the book Babies Know What They Want by Dr. Aletha Solter. Together with Alice Miller’s book, Drama of the Gifted Child, these became her two favorite books. Chris has a Master of Science in Psychology, is an Aware Parenting Instructor level 2 (trainer) and regional coordinator of the Netherlands. She is trained as a Counselor in Transactional Analysis (BTA). She founded She also has a background in IT and founded the Programming Plus class in collaboration with. Coderminds. She has also been doing (Transformative) Yoga since she was 16. She has attended numerous workshops and courses in Aware Parenting, Nonviolent Communication with Children, Polyvagal Theory, TA in relationships, family constellations, Babywearing, Pikler Playspace (RIE, Gerber, Janet Lansbury) and more.

Chris works with practical models based on science, but also with her intuition; holistic, systemic, heart, head and body.

Chris decided when she was a child that she should do this when she grew up. And she wanted to be a psychologist since she was 9. At the age of 20, she read her first parenting book to gain insight into her own upbringing. She has been helping many parents and professionals since 2012 and guides them to more connection and fun with children, themselves and their partners and more flow in their family.

She does this through education, training, online courses, articles and 1-on-1 programs. Her work is both deep and intuitive as well as down-to-earth practical. Like no other, she can bring out the child within ourselves and help love and joy in families blossom again!

Chris Muller, MSc, BTA
Psychologist (MSc)
Counsellor & Coach in Transactional Analysis (BTA)
Aware Parenting Instructeur Level 2 and regio-coordinator of the Netherlands & Flemish Belgium
Oprichter Aware Parenting Nederland



We are so overjoyed with you Chris! I wish this for every mom and dad!
Naomi, “Amsterdam Mama”

Dear Chris, first of all, thank you again for yesterday. I like how you look at and name things! Many more people/therapists can follow this example! So beautiful how you do it all, dear Chris!
Simone van Rijn

And thank you Chris, for everything. You really brought me to the point of choosing myself. And not from fear, but from love. All the movement that there is now would not have happened without you. You are doing important work!
Love, Mieke

I was going through hell inside and I thought you would be bored and distracted by my affectation. But you weren’t. You were completely present with me. Very few people can do that.

“I can highly recommend Chris. I find her sessions incredibly insightful, with compassionate guidance and tools to help me move forward. She is incredibly wise and easy to talk to.”
Melissa, Mom

“Chris works at all levels and is an expert in conscious parenting. And he is also an incredibly sweet and beautiful person.”
Sanne, coach & mom

I highly recommend Chris Muller for guidance, I’m a big fan of her work and it really has made a huge shift in my parenting.
Lauren Steinfort

“I want to thank you for your words of support. They hit me right in the heart and move me to tears. This is what I struggle with… as a fellow mom and psychologist.”

“Working with emotions is always difficult, but in the course of Chris Muller after every session you get a really pleasant, warm and energetic feeling. She works very gently and without pressing, that’s why is easy to open yourself and flow during the session. Nice experience without doubt.”
Rocio, nanny

This is for you if:

  • You want customized help and not a one-size-fits-all solution
  • You don’t want a quick fix, but a sustainable solution
  • You want to step out of the cycle of shame and guilt, move towards love and pleasure
  • You want to feel more confident in your own skin as a person or as a parent
  • You want to understand your (inner) child better
  • You want more tools to deal with problems lovingly AND effectively
  • You are looking for an alternative to sleep training/time-out/rewards, etc.
  • You want to be the mother or father you intended to be
  • You are looking for someone with knowledge and know-how, with a sharp intuition and who has empathy
  • You want better understanding of the implications of parenting
  • You want practical parenting tools as well as in-depth insights into your child
  • You were or have a gifted or highly sensitive child (who may struggle at school)
  • You want your situation to really be seen and heard
  • You want a professional who does not judge or label you with the DSM at hand, nor your child
  • You don’t want endless bureaucracy, but get help soon
  • You want a second opinion
  • You want not 10 different experts but 1 expert who looks from different perspectives, like the environment, systemic/ family, relationships, time management, learning, school, etc.
  • You want quick AND deep changes
  • You want to raise children lovingly with boundaries, but without time-outs or rewards
  • You want to get on the same page with your partner or (other) educator.
  • You want more fun in your family
  • You want to experience more connection with yourself
  • You want to experience more connection with your partner
  • You want to feel more empowered
  • You want to live more from your heart
  • You are ready to take steps and take responsibility over your life
  • You’re done struggling and ready for more fun in your life, in your family, in your job!




“Dear Chris, I had a very pleasant experience. First of all, I would like to tell you that your calm and expertise really gives a familiar feeling. I have the feeling that you really know what you are talking about and with all the peace you have in you I also intuitively feel what is needed. The questionnaires brought out a lot for me. That alone made me have to look inside myself and feel how I relate to my children that I matter and that I can’t do anything wrong… Thank you for your beautiful work dear. Lots of love, Adisti”
Adisti van Os, mother of 2 children, coach & postpartum massage

“Hi dear Chris!  I wanted to send you an update of these past weeks. I feel like this new awareness and all the new information have been AMAZING. It takes a lot of work to change the ways we operate with and I’m now so aware of how often I’m in survival mode. What has become SO clear to me is when one of my children needs to empty their bucket.
Thank you Chris!!!!!!
Big hugs and happy weekend!
Halima, 2 children, Chile

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